May I place an order over the phone?
We do not place orders over the phone.

What are the available delivery options?
Your order will be delivered to you via courier to your door. Price for international shipping is $12. You are eligible for free shipping when you purchase over $75.

How long does delivery take?
Delivery time varies depending on where you are located, generally delivery can take up to 2 weeks time.

May I purchase items from a physical store or pick up myself?
At this time, items are available for purchase on our website only.

How can I reach customer service?
customerservice@awbmakeup.co.il. Please state your order number at the subject line.

How can I make an appointment with Ashley for a makeup or workshop?
Please contact info@awbmakeup.co.il. Only emails requesting coordination/appointments will be answered.

Questions about me:

How long have you been a makeup artist?
Basically since I was three (haha). In 2003 I officially began to work in makeup.

We want to know more about you!
That’s great! Subscribe to my YouTube channel, “BehindTheBakshis” for vlogs 🙂

Do you take clients for events?
Well, I’m very busy at this time and unfortunately that means that I cannot take clients for makeup. But please contact customerservice@awbmakeup.co.il to check for availability.

Why have you been using products that aren’t available in Israel?
Because I started my makeup career in Canada, there are many products that I know and love and unfortunately aren’t available in Israel. I always want to give my viewers the best product recommendations therefore I don’t hesitate to show you all products from outside of Israel. I always leave a link if the products in the description box I mentioned are available for online purchase.

At what age do you think we need to start wearing makeup?
First one all, nobody n-e-e-d-s to wear makeup. I recommend wearing makeup if it makes you feel good about yourself and if you love and connect with it! I don’t think there’s a specific age when it’s “acceptable” to start wearing makeup, but rather needs to be a combination of a few things, such as: Will my parents let me wear makeup? Do I really feel the need to wear makeup? Is it socially acceptable in my life to wear makeup at my age? Even if you answered “yes” to all these questions, I still recommend young teens to wear natural looking makeup that won’t damage your skin.

Which moisturizer/foundation/concealer/powder/bronzer etc., do you recommend for me?
Unfortunately, I cannot recommend you products without seeing you. If you are interested in a one-on-one consultation in which I come to you for a 2-hour consultation in which I can recommend, teach and give you personal tips. Price for consultation $500, to schedule an appointment, please click here.

Why don’t you answer your Facebook page?
I firmly protect my privacy and my personal Facebook account. If you would like to ask questions, you are more than welcome to leave a comment on my YouTube channel or my official Instagram account.