Rose Quartz Facial Roller


Rose Quartz Facial Roller


רכוש את המוצר וקבל 1 נק׳

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  • The Rose Quartz Facial Roller is the best tool to care for our inner and outer beauty.

    The use of facial rollers is a centuries old ancient Chinese beauty regimen. It’s been proved through regular use, it provides incredible benefits for the skin through gentle massaging, assisting in lymphatic flow and ridding of toxins out of our body.

    It is believed that the Rose Quartz stone matches the Heart Chakra, decreasing known stressers, increasing self-love and calms anxious thoughts.

    With daily usage, the Rose Quartz Facial Roller can:

    • Improve skin elasticity
    • Decreases puffiness and fine lines
    • Improves mild acne and future breakouts
    • Assists in better penetration of skincare products
    • Releases stress in the facial muscles
    • Decreases inflammation
    • Brightens the skin
    • Minimizes pores appearance
    • Calms the mind

    You may use the Rose Quartz Facial Roller for various skincare products such as serums, oils, gentle creams to allow for better penetration of the skin barrier. Not only do creams get absorbed into the skin but dirt and makeup as well, therefore, it’s important to use on clean skin only.

    In order to achieve proper lymphatic drainage and reap the benefits of its anti-aging abilities, roll the Rose Quartz Facial Roller in an “up and out” direction. The pressure should be gentle and light. There is no need to push or apply extra pressure, the weight of the roller creates an optimal level of pressure. Roll each area at least 4-5 times. There is no limit to how many times you can use the Rose Quartz Facial Roller a day. The more you use it, the quicker you will see the improvement and difference!

    Ashley’s recommendation: I like to start with the chest, up the neck, chin, jaw, cheeks (from the nose to the hairline) forehead (start from the center of the forehead and roll out in both directions).

    Turn the roller to the smaller side and very gently roll the under eye area, the eyelids and brows. Flip back to the bigger side and complete with rolling the brows up towards the hairline.

    While you are rolling, you may come across some redness – that’s a good thing! It means there is increased blood circulation in those areas. If the redness doesn’t clear after a few minutes, you may have applied too much pressure.

    If you chose to use the roller on top of the skin care products, make sure to thoroughly cleanse the Rose Quartz Facial Roller after using it. Use mild soap and cold water. Properly dry the Rose Quartz Facial Roller and store it dry, in a cool place to prevent the hinges from rusting and/or damage the stone. If you decided to use the Rose Quartz Facial Roller on clean skin, I still recommend wiping it clean after its use and cleanse thoroughly once a week.

    My Secret Tip: Do you want to get rid of the “I-didn’t-sleep-last-night!” eye puffiness?! Store your Rose Quartz Facial Roller in the fridge overnight and roll your undereyes first thing in the morning.

    Due to the stone’s natural appearance, the colors and marbling differ from roller to roller – making each roller one of a kind.

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